Artists - join our community and find your tribe!

Making art can be a lonely business. We work alone and often the people around us don't understand what we are doing (or why!)

But you don't have to be alone

Do you long to be around people who "get" you? People who also show up at dinner parties with paint on their finger nails? People who would prefer new paints over jewellery for Christmas?

I'm Louise Fletcher and I started Your Art Tribe for people like you.This is a safe space - a place where you can meet other artists from all over the world (from newbies to experienced pros). You'll also get monthly tutorials, online Q&A chats, artist interviews, creative prompts, and a regular newsletter packed with inspiration, advice and news from my own studio.

I do not have everything figured out- none of us do - and I've learned that community is everything when it comes to getting through the difficult patches in our work.

So come and help make this the best art community in the world.


Art Tribe is opening just for YOU!

And you get one free month to try it out. This is not a general opening, but I am keen to welcome in the right people - and you are the right people! You already know me and you know what I believe. If you have enjoyed my emails, you will love Art Tribe. Let's keep you inspired, fired up and ready to paint!

Each month, you'll get:

  • A vibrant, supportive community of artists at all levels (private Facebook group)
  • A Q&A web chat where you can ask me anything
  • A newsletter packed with inspiration for your creative life.
  • Regular access to me in the Facebook group, the group website and the Q&A chats
  • Monthly videos and/or tutorials to keep you inspired and energised

We also have regular interviews with guest artists and you'll get a 15% discount on any of my online courses along with access to a library of videos documenting my progress on a series of paintings. This bonus is worth the price of admission!

The community is evolving - I am listening to the members and creating content that serves their needs, so come in and then let me know how I can help!

But that's not the best part of Art Tribe

What really matters is that we're in this together

What really counts is being in a close-knit community with people who are equally committed to their art - and the opportunity to rub shoulders with artists who are further along than you are. It's having a place you can come to ask "how could I fix this composition?" or "where's the best place to buy canvases in New Zealand?" or "what are the best galleries in London?" or "How do I get paint off my shoes?"

It's having a place to come and vent about that thing your husband said, or the funny look your mother-in-law gave you when you showed her your latest abstract painting. It's getting to arrange local meet-ups (when that's possible) and maybe find collaboration partners.

Free Facebook groups can do some of this, but they tend to get too large and usually wind up being a place people go to post their latest work, rather than have deeper conversations.

The more this community grows, the more we can all help each other, so I hope you'll join us. 


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